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A Night to Remember

Celebrating 65 Years of Ministry

On October 26th 2019, radio listeners, congregation, and friends met together to honor Pastor George Bogle as he officially retired from ministry.  There’s no doubt that 10,000’s of lives were touched, 1,000’s of souls saves, and uncounted Christians grew closer in their walk with God throughout Pastor Bogle’s 65 years of ministry.




Frank Franciosi hosts this evening.  Speakers: Pastor Alex Silva, Pastor Chris Brooks, Pastor David Alvarez




Night of Celebration Part 2: Tim Bogle





Frank Franciosi hosts the evening Part 3: Pastor Gary Levi, Van Thornton, Pastor Emery Moss.




Night of Celebration Part 4: Pastor Bogle, Shirley Bogle & Family





Pastor Brooks speaks about NightVision’s future.




Night of Celebration Part 6: George Bogle Jr delivers closing remarks.


NightVision Listeners, Evangel Members, Friends & Family Speak